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About Russian Missions > Immediate Needs

Russian Missions gives assistance to five regions throughout Russia. Each area has its own individual needs. However, the following items have consistently been requested by our local Missionaries and Mission sites. If you can help in any way, we sincerely thank you!

Computer Equipment
Especially needed are laptop computers. (New and used). Also urgently needed are computers with a capacity for e-mail (Pentium 2+) and accompanying monitors, keypads, mouse, etc. Every outreach needs this type of equipment-from our local
missions, orphanages (educational assistance), prison outreach programs (vocational education), to our Youth Center (occupational education and recreational assistance).

Christian Software
Educational games, Bible story games, etc. are always in need by our Youth ministers.

Only New (Russian customs restricts the bringing in of used clothing). Especially needed are warm--shoes, socks, boots, mittens, gloves, scarves, coats, hats, school clothes, and work & dress clothes for the needy adults.

Toiletry Items
Toothbrushes, toothpaste, mouth wash, combs, brushes, tissues, razors, cosmetics, after shave lotion, nail files, nail clippers, etc.

School Supplies
As each district has its own school supplies requirements, please support this effort through financial assistance.

Hospice and Hospital Needs
Treats (food items), note paper, pens, etc.

Prisoners [Adult and Youth (male & female)]
Warm casual clothes, socks, gloves, writing paper, and food treats (candy, cakes, etc.)

Office Supplies
Missionary offices, need paper goods. However, this request would be supported through financial assistance.

Christian Resources
Bibles (children and adults), leisure reading books, children's story books, coloring books, personal diaries, Christian music tapes, inspirational tapes, etc. A truly random act of kindness. You can surprise an orphan, prisoner, etc. by purchasing a book from our Website and indicate that it should be mailed directly to a prison,
orphanage, etc.

NOTE: Our Churchville office staff will give you guidelines regarding the above donations. Please feel free to contact the office (215) 354-0929 or toll-free number 1-866-8Russia to answer any questions you may have. Some items such as clothing, toiletry items, etc. can be mailed directly to our Missionaries or Mission site. Others, such as computers, computer equipment, and software can be dropped off at the Churchville office.


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