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About Russian Missions > Frequently-Asked Questions

1. What is Russian Missions?
Russian Missions is a non-profit organization dedicated to service to Russian speaking people in the United States and the needy people of the former Soviet Union . We work in the following areas:

  • Evangelism - Spreading the Good News of Jesus Christ
  • Training - Local spiritual leaders
  • Church planting
  • Economic development - Relief and Development (artist project)
  • Humanitarian aid - Children at risk (street children/orphans), Hospice care, soup kitchens, Safe Haven Summer youth camps, etc.
  • Ministry - Prisoners, women's shelters, orphanages, anyone who will listen.

2. Where are you located?
The central office in the United States is located in 171 Second Street Pike, Churchville , PA 18966 . Phone: (215) 354-0929 - e-mail: In addition, there are regional offices throughout the former Soviet Union that serve our missionaries and ministries.

3. Why is Russian Missions distinctive and unique?
Today, fully 90% of pioneer missionary work among unreached people is being done by indigenous missionaries who are nearby neighbors of those being reached with the Good News of Jesus Christ. Russian Missions is an emerging mission uniquely designed upon this theory:

  • We seek out and evaluate already established missionary operations
  • We validate that they love the Lord and believe in His Word
  • We look for evidence that the Lord is using them in effective ways
  • We investigate their honesty and accountability in handling finances

After carefully scrutiny, Russian Missions makes their work known to churches and individual Christians in American to encourage assistance (such as: financial support, prayer support, volunteer services, etc.).

4. Are gifts to Russian Missions tax deductible?
Gifts and donations made to Russian Missions designated for a purpose under the control of Russian Missions are tax deductible. This includes gifts for support of a missionary, special missionary project or the home office. Non-cash gifts for these purposes are also deductible when handled according to IRS regulations.

5. How do I make a gift to Russian Missions?
Gift can be made by cash, check or money order and mailed to: 171 Second Street Pike, Churchville , PA 18966 or you can donate on line. Contributions can also be deducted automatically from your checking account or savings account through our automated donation service.

6. How does Russian Missions acknowledge or receipt my gifts?
The central office in Churchville , PA , mails a receipt to each donor for each gift.

7. How can I be sure my gift will go to the designated project?
Russian Missions honors the designations of our partners when you carefully identify the purpose. We will see that your gift is properly applied and your receipt will include this information.

8. What do you do with my name and address information?
Russian Missions is committed to protect the identity of its partners. We do not share or give out our list of contributors or other names with any other organization.

9. What about accountability?
Russian Missions has the highest standards of ethical integrity and financial accountability. God's people may give in confidence that their gifts will always be used for the work designated. Here are some standards that Russian Missions has established and followed since this ministry was first begun.

  • The Mission shall avoid waste and extravagance, making every effort to maintain low overhead costs. Persons who visit Russian Missions headquarter are impressed with the way we handle funds entrusted to us. We run a "tight ship."
  • All gifts specifically designated for an approved project or objective of the Mission shall be used 100% for that purpose until the need is met or the objective has been reached, after which they may be used for a similar need or objective.


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