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(Please note that single copies of the publications listed below will be mailed to you free of charge. If you desire multiple copies, please help us with a free-will donation covering the shipping and handling costs.)

  • Introduction to Russian Missions
  • Report on Chechnya
  • Bringing the Message of Hope to the Russian People
  • Matryoshka Dolls (nesting doll) Catalogue
  • Ministry to Nomadic Tribes
  • A Christmas Gift of Hope
  • Orphan Stories
  • Please Pray for Russia
  • Local Missionaries
  • Breaking the Ice in Russia
  • Stories from Russian Missions
  • Russian Missions Doctrinal Statement
  • Rev. Alexander Yuchkovski's Testimony
  • Automated Giving Plan Instructions
  • Rev. Vitali Yuchkovski's Testimony
  • These are the Faces of Russian Missions
  • Anya's Story


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