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Did you know?

• The former Soviet Union is one of the most fertile fields for evangelism today!

• After 70 years of Communism, people are searching for truth. Truth that can only be found through Jesus.

• Russian moral standards are wanting. Alcohol is destroying many families and the most vulnerable are the children.

• Each day is a struggle for survival for many people, especially the elderly and the single parent family.

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Dear Friends in Christ,

There is an old saying that “Life Goes On.” But in Beslan, it will never be the same.

In one recent conversation with our missionary, Gherman, I learned from first-hand information--several Beslan families stories and how their lives will never be the same after September’s school take-over.

Albina Khutsistova
Albina’s husband, Azamat, was killed during the terrorist attack on the school. Their home is in the direct vicinity of the school. Azamat was passing by the school and witnessed the terrorists pushing everyone into the school building. The next thing he saw was a gun pointed in front of his face. He was herded into the school along with the rest of the hostages. Azamat refused to comply with an order from the terrorists and was shot during the first day of the take-over.

Akhshar Koumaev
Everyone says that he was one of the best children from the Beslan Baptist Sunday School--little Akhshar. He was a very active and open child. During the attack Akhshar was praying and encouraging others to pray. Boldly he taught the other hostages about God and the Lord’s Prayer so that they could join him in prayer.

After an explosion, part of the gymnasium’s wall fell. This allowed people to run out of the building. Akhshar quickly began running, too. He did not realize he had been wounded by the explosion. His ear-drums were badly injured. The boy survived but will need long-term treatment. Akhshar’s parents are not believers as yet. From his hospital bed, Akhshar has been faithfully praying for their salvation. His mother has been battling with cancer for some time. Perhaps her son’s prayers have extended her days on earth.

Oleg Kubalov
Oleg’s wife died several years ago and left him with two children. His son, Gherman, is 16 years old. His daughter, Diana, is 14 in age. Diana was among the hostages at the school, as well as Oleg’s sister. Diana was able to run away and was not wounded. While Oleg’s sister was shot in the back while trying to run away from the school.

I thank you for continued support for my people of Russia and especially the families of Beslan. Please continue to keep them in your prayers. I shall attempt to keep you abreast of current news. Thank you and God Bless You.

Your Brother in the Lord,
Pastor Sasha
(Rev. Alexander Yuchkovski)


Compassionate Notes:

Thank you for your loving notes expressing your sympathy and Biblical words of guidance for the people of Beslan.  If you have not done so as yet, the link is repeated here Compassionate Notes.  When you link to it, you will be able to send a personal message to the people of Beslan.  Our office will transcribe your letters and send them to our missionary and our partner church, Beslan Baptist Church.  In this way you can express your love to this hurting community.  Perhaps your church or Sunday School would also like to be included in these expressions of Christian love.  Feel free to check out our link to see what others have written. 

You Asked How You Can HelpÖ

You are our most important resource.  There are several ways that you can help, none of them require very much time or money.  First, pray for our ministry and for the Russian people.  Second, spread the word about our ministry and our Beslanís Youthful Treasures appeal.  Embedded in this link is a flyer describing our ministry and Beslanís Youthful Treasures appeal.  Please click here for our link You Asked How You Can Help. 

Beslanís Youthful TreasuresÖ

We have created a fund for spiritual counseling and for humanitarian aid.  Your donation can be designated for Beslanís Youthful Treasures.  Donations can be made through our website or mailed to Russian Missions, PO Box 754, Richboro, PA 18954.

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